Sanitation Services And The Sectors We Cater

Healthcare Sector

Strengthening our system

 While we do have a robust healthcare system, GermiGo does understand the existing challenges and provides solutions that can compliment the system. Our innovative hand-sanitizers and disinfectant range cater to their needs and helps them maintain a safe surrounding.

Government Sector

Sanitizing the front-line warriors

 GermiGo understands the importance of sanitation for the Government sector. The solutions (both hand-sanitizer and disinfectants) are easy to use for the people who constantly come in contact with others.

Hospitality Sector

Assisting the hospitality

The hospitality sector expects guests. And the guest expects safe and fresh environment for a better experience. Our sanitizer and disinfectant solutions are non-toxic, safe and are available in fragrances, keeping in mind the needs of this sector.

Real Estate Sector

Ensuring safety for home

Maintaining safety and hygiene in any real-estate property is of utmost importance as it is the place where people reside. GermiGo understands the needs of this sector and our solutions including hand-sanitizers and disinfectants are customized the needs of the residents.

Retail Sector

Easing the processes

GermiGo understands the needs of the consumer preference and the impact of cleanliness and food safety on them. Hence, our solutions including hand-sanitizers and disinfectants are ensured to help them and ease their processes.

Fuel & Energy Sector

Ensuring safety for essential sector

Fuel and energy are essential services. GermiGo solutions including hand-sanitizer and disinfectants cater to the needs of this sector and are designed to serve them well.

Transport Sector

Killing 99.9% germ effectively

 Stopping the transport of virus for the people who travel from one place to another is the need of the hour. GermiGo solutions are designed to easy to use and kill 99.9% germs effectively.

Entertainment Sector

Breaking the chain for those who entertain

 The people who strive hard to tell us a story work on field to shoot so that we can sit in a theatre filled with people to enjoy the same. GermiGo solutions understands that such places with higher density of population are where utmost sanitization is needed and hence are made with ingredients such as silver nitrate and alcohol

Facility Management sector

Sanitize using magical formula

Silver Nitrate and alcohol are the key ingredients which help break the chain and are used in GermiGo solutions which are designed to sanitize big facilities for crowd gatherings.  
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