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GermiGo® X Hand Sanitizer

GermiGo®Foos Foos+

GermiGo® Surface Disinfectant

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About GermiGo®

GermiGo® is a hygiene-essential brand owned by Tranquiil Speciality Pvt. Ltd. We believe that protection is not an option anymore, it’s a compulsion. Therefore, team GermiGo has come up with hygiene and safety solutions for all! Our products are certified, innovative, organic, non-toxic, non-hazardous.

GermiGo® X Sanitizer, GermiGo® Surface Disinfectant and GermiGo® Foos Foos+ are made by reclaiming, preserving, sustaining and enhancing the natural and man-made resources in an eco-friendly and economically feasible way.

Disclaimer: Our products are for external use only.

About Us

Kunal Rawal, Fashion Designer | Client Testimonial | GermiGo®